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Echolocation, Terry McDonagh’s new collection of poems for young and old is a worthy follow up to his widely successful Boxes. McDonagh writes with admirable simplicity and finds an almost fairytale-like quality in everyday happenings.The poet moves swiftly between experiences of troubled times but never fails to celebrate sweeter days. He writes ‘In a room full of children, a chinese whisper sets words on fire…’ and it is these words that pull you into the stories the poet tells. McDonagh, like a truly international traveller, observes sharply and examines the complexity of the apparently banal and often shows his canny ability to be a merciless chronicler of misfortune and everyday tragedies and all this with a twinkle in his eye. 
– Joachim Matschoss, poet, playwright and Artistic Director of Back Yard Theatre Ensemble

Terry McDonagh: Echolocation
Paperback / 60 p. / ISBN 978-3-933498-27-4 / € 10,00

Irish poet and dramatist, Terry McDonagh taught creative writing at the University of Hamburg and was Drama Director at the International School Hamburg for 15 years. He now works freelance. He has been writer in residence in Europe, Asia and Australia. He’s published eight poetry collections, a book of letters, as well as prose and poetry for young people Translated into Indonesian and German and distributed internationally by Syracuse Uni. Press. His latest poetry collection: Ripple Effect was published in  2013 – Arlen House, and his  children’s story, Michel the Merman, illustrated by Marc Barnes (NZ), in 2014. Echolocation (poetry for young people) is to be published autumn 2015 and Lady Cassie Peregrina (poetry) in spring 2016. He lives in Hamburg and Ireland. His poem, Out of the Dying Pan into the Pyre. was long-listed for the Poetry Society Poetry Prize 2015.

In the Light of Bridges is a bittersweet love song to Hamburg. Terry McDonagh is a master bard of the home from home; integrated he may be, but 'tidy and tailored', as he claims here? Never. He has an observing novelist's eye for the specifics of place and an empathetic poet's ear for the universality of the human spirit. He is a writer with a sharp nib and a generous heart.

Ian Watson, editor of newleaf magazine

Terry McDonagh: In the Light of Bridges – Hamburg Fragments
Paperback / 132 p. / ISBN 978-3-933498-16-8 / € 12,00

This book is not a city handbook – it is much, much more: it’s the poetic journey of an Irish poet in his adopted city.

Terry McDonagh sees with the keen eye of an outsider who refuses to recognize political and social boundaries. We are taken on spiritual adventures through the streets and into the complex heart of man. Hamburg is more than city – it has a fascinating underbelly where the poet comes to life in a laughing field with a city tacked on to its hem. His universal Hamburg is a multitudes of stories, poems and drama about Any-where, Else-where, No-where – its façade is a challenge and a citizen is a fragile, Joycean institution worthy of closer study. He has Eimsbuettel by Heart; he’s a HSV supporter with a season ticket, and a former drama teacher at The International School. His language is rich, light, hard, playful and full of visual images: Du Gisela … Sie Gisela; it’s like a man discovering his face. On a personal level, he seems to thrive in an adopted culture and language that can never be, fully, his. He seems to suggest that true homeland is the language of the heart. When in doubt, ask Heine, Borchert, Ruehmkorf

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